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Shanaye Shipping Line Pvt Ltd is a privately-owned company and provides ship management solutions for oil tankers.


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Shanaye Shipping Line Pvt Ltd

is a privately-owned company and provides ship management solutions for oil tankers.

A Third-Party Ship Manager

We act as a third-party ship manager, meaning we are an independent party acting on behalf of ship owners.

Tailor-Made Management

Our services are offered in tailor-made management solutions, focusing on our client’s requirements.

Management Package

our clients can compose their own management package, perfectly fulfilling their specific wishes and needs.

Safety, Security and Quality

SSL is committed to continuous enhancement of the safety, security and quality of the fleet’s operation.



SSL is committed to continuous enhancement of the safety, security and quality of the fleet’s operation and employment as well as to the protection of the environment.

SSL is devoted to a teamwork culture where people work together for the overall success of the Company, onshore and at sea. Its policies aim to enhance and reward performance, engage its people and retain key talent.

SSL Ship Management is a small to medium size manager with an “Owners” approach to ship management. The Company tailors its services to meet the needs of the Client and will report in whatever level of detail required by the Client. SSL Ship Management is committed to ensuring that management of the Client’s assets will always be to the best of our team’s ability.




We care about colleagues; we care about our customers and we care about our company. Caring about safety and quality – the top priorities for our group – is a great example of this value in action.


We’re a team at our best when we work together, when we’re connected and when we’re communicating well with each other and our customers.


We have a long history of being innovative and it’s something we want to nurture and continue – we don’t want to carry on business as usual. We have a view; we want to share our expertise with customers and help them to better than they would do without us.


We are consistent

To achieve great things together we need to be consistent. It’s important for safety, quality and environmental compliance, and it’s important because it’s about delivering on promises – to our customers and to each other.

We commit and deliver

We keep the promises we make, whether we are helping a client or a colleague. If Shanaye Shipping Line Pvt Ltd promise to do something by a certain date or time, we should do it and not rely on people reminding us.

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    Mission of SSL

    Safekeeping of clients’ assets and enhancing their profitability by providing skilled and committed seafarers and high maintenance standards, ensuring the best operational reliability and controlling the ships’ operational costs.

    • For our society

    To deliver energy in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable now and in the future.

    • For our clients

    To operate in a manner that contributes to the success of their business objectives by providing flexible and reliable services.

    • For our shareholders and capital providers

    To create significant long-term value by strategically planning financial and investment decisions.

    • For our employees

    To attract and enable talented people to develop themselves in order to contribute to our business and its vision in a challenging and rewarding environment.


    We have in place a clear approach towards HQSSE (Health, Quality, Safety, Security & Environment), ingrained in every aspect of our business. Our actions are governed by the following beliefs

    • To achieve zero accidents and injuries
    • To carry out all activities in a safe manner
    • Have in place a risk management and mitigation strategy
    • To protect our environment for our future generations
    • Close monitoring of vessel and staff performance
    • Meticulously documented processes to ensure governance on every aspect of our operations
    • Efficient use of natural resources and energy sources
    • Total compliance with all regulatory requirements with an emphasis on foresight to prevent the likelihood of accidents

    REGD. OFFICE Address

    H.No – 162,

    VPO – Nangal Bhur, Kila Road,

    Pathankot, Punjab , India – 145101


    1st Floor, Cherumuttathil Building

    Opp. Vathakat Hospital, T.A. Beerankunju Road, Kochi, India – 682018

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